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About Health Alliance

The Australian Health Protection Trust (AHPT) has been established by Health Alliance Australia (HAA). The role of this trust is to manage the distribution of funds for legal action and public relations campaigns.

The trustees of AHPT comprise of a risk, legal and health professionals who have a fiduciary duty to implement the purpose of the trust.

They are doing this on a volunteer basis and will not be remunerated.

A large team of volunteers are working behind this trust, in administration and strategy.

Our Mission

We empower communities by providing accurate information and educational content for individuals to make sound healthcare decisions with informed consent.

We believe in the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath and are committed to restoring ethical conduct in healthcare.

We actively defend public health, by pursuing legal action against government overreach and pursue regulators for unethical conduct. In doing so we provide a safety net for ethical medical practitioners to care for their patients’ health.

We recognize that our vision and mission are greater than our individual efforts and build strong and meaningful alliances with affiliate organisations to support both local and global efforts that in line with our mission.

We stand against mandates and harmful public health measures.

Restoring Ethical Medical Practice

Over the last three years we have seen a significant erosion of ethics in medicine. Laws and regulations have been put in place that significantly hinder medical practitioners from providing advise independent of the official guidelines of APHRA. Health Alliance Australia is working hard to defend the sovereignty to each individual’s freedom of choice, the right to bodily autonomy and informed consent through education, networking, advocacy, funding legal court actions, and awareness raising.

We are committed to accurate information in a professional format, so as to combat inaccurate information and misleading claims being promulgated via traditional and social media.

Through our collective efforts with our supporters and networks of professionals, we will forge a future free of medical apartheid, political tyranny and where individual medical rights are protected. 

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