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Your donation of $49.99 will help support our efforts in restoring ethical medical practice for all Australians.

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Support our efforts today through a donation of $99.99 to further our cause and help restore ethical medical practice for all Australians.

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Help us combat corruption and restore ethical medical practice for Australian Doctors and Patients alike. Donate $499.99 today.

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Your support is essential in helping us achieve our goal. We are committed to the restoration of ethical medical practice, informed consent and bodily autonomy but we can’t do this alone.

Your generous donation will go directly towards raising awareness, defending ethical medical practice, applying pressure to local and state government, as well as funding effective legal challenges for the restoration of patient centric health care.

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We desperately need your help to protect millions of everyday Australians affected by the mandates and censorship.
Our aim to raise $5 million will help turn the tide and make an impact against government over reach and restore ethical medical practices.
Every bit helps, join our efforts by contributing today!
if you would like to help us achieve our goal sooner by providing a larger donation or know someone who may, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss.
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