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Anna de Buisseret

Speaks with Australian Health Professionals

Recorded Live Tuesday 19th April 2022 and Hosted by Dan Hanson of Health Alliance Australia.

Anna de Buisseret is a senior UK lawyer and a retired Army Officer having trained at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. She served for 9 years as a Territorial Army officer and has nuclear, biological warfare training. She has previously also worked as a management consultant at Pfizer.

Anna has been working with a team of UK and international lawyers since the beginning of the pandemic, drilling down into the legal and evidential analysis, working with medical and scientific experts all around the world, hearing their evidence about what’s happening.

She says “We are a common law jurisdiction in the UK and lots of countries around the world claim their jurisdiction from the UK. And the common-law general principle is do no harm.

It’s everyone’s DUTY to ACT to prevent harm- doing nothing is NOT an option under the Rule of Law and under our Constitution.

People need to fully understand that their legal position is that “failing to act to prevent harm is as guilty as doing the harm yourself”.

Omitting to act is an offence.

Silence is a War Crime.

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