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Dr Brendan Moloney

Speaks with Australian Health Professionals

Recorded Live Tuesday 16th June 2022 and Hosted by Dan Hanson of Health Alliance Australia, Dr Brendan Moloney shares insights on moving beyond the limitations of the existing systems of governance by building a parallel movement.

Dr Brendan Moloney is the CEO of edutech company Darlo and the founder of Parallel Movement – a global collection of leaders from all parts of society who are creating the structures, institutions and resources to live in a parallel world that delivers freedom and choice.

For the past 25 years, he has travelled the world, worked in different countries, and read lots of different books. He was working at the University of Melbourne for

awhile, and then got bored and left to start his own company. In doing so, he built opportunities for the private higher education sector and

managed to upset a whole bunch of angry public servants who are trying to keep Australia as a stone age society. 

At the start of the Victorian Dictatorship in 2020, Dr B started writing about human rights and freedom issues on social media. People around the world loved

it. That’s why he had 4 million readers. Then, Big Tech, and a mob of overweight academics, decided to cancel him. 

Now he keeps a light hearted blog – a Daily Rant – where he muses on all things. He is also actively building a Parallel Movement. 

A movement where all kinds of people can access alternative living, and move out of the horrible mainstream, into a world of light and love.




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