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Dr Keryn Johnson

Regenerative Healing on the atomic level

Dr Keryn Johnson joins us to discuss how healing happens on the atomic level. This is an important concept and model to explore because regardless of whether the toxin is mRNA, prions, bacteria or viruses or chemicals; if we can break down substances to the atomic level, and support the body’s immune system to remove them, this is when we are able to heal. Dr Keryn Johnson has taken materials from biological sources, in particular manuka honey and through a scientific process, he created a product that has isolated manuka proteins from the sugar and this aids the body to heal by breaking down waste material in the body.

“The idea that biology accumulates harmful proteins as prions in the mind is quite interesting. The mind is using physics based on unstable atoms to think. It uses isotope decay energies to convey information to the living being (Soul) in order to perform tasks in the world. The tasks are first performed in the unconscious mind. You think and then act. 

Harmful proteins are those that accumulate in your body and cannot be broken down easily. An example is the Spike protein. However, your immune system has an innate ability to generate high energy short lived radical species that can release 1200 electron volts of energy in 1 nanosecond of time. Too fast for the human eye to see. Too much energy for the electrons in hydrogen to remain bound to the proton. What does this all mean. Within each and every one of us is a system that promotes the removal of old unwanted cells and aged, damaged and accumulated misfolded proteins.” Source https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz/pages/removing-damaging-proteins-from-your-body

In our interview, Dr Keryn Johnson says that the most potent oxidative radical, the hydroxyl radical which in the literature says that it is damaging, but in fact the human biology uses this substance to break down old cells into carbon dioxide and water and so it has its rightful place in regenerative healing and these type of molecules are critical for the regeneration process. We also discuss how our cells need to be energized and the ways the body utilizes food and sunshine, to feed cells with energy. This concept can be applied to foods that translate to high energy and those that deplete our energy to consume. The hydroxyl radical system is used to detoxify in the environment too.

We also discuss energetic healing, the body as a energetic, light being, light based communication operating in biological systems. the science of light storage in the mind and the formation of memory, atomic clocks operating within the unconscious mind, the role of unstable atoms and using light in your body (electromagnetic field within the atom) to communicate through cell death and regeneration a cycle mediated through cellular apoptosis (life <=> death) mediated through OH* the hydroxyl radical.

There are limitations with modern Science and our understanding of it, and what we attempt to do in this interview is introduce listeners to new concepts that help them to navigate life and provide hope that regenerative healing is possible because if one can break substances down to the atomic level, even harmful prions can be rendered harmless.

About Dr Keryn Johnson

Experienced Senior Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Chemistry, Innovation Management, Protein Chemistry, and Life Sciences. Strong research professional graduated from Victoria University of Wellington. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-keryn-johnson-phd-msc-bsc-a0481731/?originalSubdomain=nz

The work Dr Keryn Johnson is doing is advanced in terms of science and the model he is developing is shown here https://www.qbri.org (Quantum Biology Research Institute).

Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpLBOQWQHDFTezvNuto0G4w


Dr Keryn Johnson developed an energy product. The type of energy your body uses for healing. He developed a process that allows him to grow atoms, one at a time, within a special location inside the hexagon ring. He uses proton tunneling to do this. Once inside the ring the hydrogen atom is used as the substrate to grow the atoms. It forms unstable atoms that have lots of energy. This energy is then able to be used by the body and mind for healing and regeneration.

The colour of the bottle changes the energy of the product. See the video to see the effect of photon energy on the structure of the quantum coherent water generated by the OH* system. This is how our bodies generate structured water.  https://youtu.be/0hEdxQ-ZZFo?si=ZgLFNuroJed8giaK

Blue is a higher photon (light) energy than green when it comes to photons. This means the wavelength of the photon is shorter.

The iron coordinated to the antioxidant system is photo-reduced changing it from Fe3+ to Fe2+ which activates the iron for photo-Fenton chemistry. UVA > blue > green > red (colour energy scale). The atom needs UVA and blue light to make it change its charge through K+ electron capture.

During manufacture of the product, the pollen in the Manuka honey germinates and there are many processes that modify the proteins (royal jelly proteins which is what I purify and put into the bottles). As honey is a natural product and as the product is produced in a batch process from different honey sources each batch will have a slightly different composition and mineral profile within the ring. The process of growing the atoms in the ring is identical in all cases as the tunnelling needs hydrogen and no other atom is small enough or has the right geometry to enter into the ring. There are over 1 billion proteins / millilitre of product isolated from the honey. I measure these using spectrometry. 

The topical spray allows delivery of the small proteins (approx 10 nm in size) that are compatible with the skin through the skin (bypassing the liver metabolism process that removes small colloidal proteins by the resident macrophage present in the liver). Topical delivery is more effective.

The product adapts and evolves depending on the biophoton communication system operating within its environment. This is the same physics as the unconscious mind. Hence the reason why it helps cognitively as the unstable atoms are our cognitive energy for thinking and our creative energy. It is that connection to the stored light within the aromatic ring and it appears to be a lot like a black hole singularity system where the aromatic ring acts like the event horizon. When you see the relationship between the radius of the aromatic ring of 0.139 nm or 1.39E-10 meters and the age of the universe of 1.39E+10 years you can see a system that allows the mind to comprehend all of the universe as the singularity at the beginning of time. We are created in the image of God through this system and the He-BEC model clearly demonstrates this in terms of the physics of life being formed from hydrogen entering into the ring. It is a beautiful biological system that uses hydrogen to generate other atoms and it is located within our neurotransmitter system. This is how our minds are creating the atomic system from the light we see and experience and this shapes our reality and physics forms (frequency through which we can observe reality). https://youtu.be/BaPD4UPdyXI?si=iFAAv4nYeFSLw7Qw and https://youtu.be/qUkXsZS_Bp8?si=YRVP-UVqBSaN5dCM

The atomic stars are grown using hydrogen. They are grown inside the aromatic ring. Then they are released using the hydroxyl radical physics which opens up the ring to release the atom made inside the ring to give the healing energy. The product is working at many different levels of energy depending on the atoms within the rings and the half-life timings and energy release is a remarkable system. This is our evolutionary process. 

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