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Peter Fam

Speaks with Australian Health Professionals

Recorded Live Tuesday 9th August 2022 and Hosted by Dan Hanson of Health Alliance Australia, human rights lawyer Peter Fam speaks with Australian Health Professionals.

Peter is the Principal Lawyer at Maat’s Method, a human rights law firm in Sydney, Australia. Peter is a defender and advocate of universal law, focussing only on issues which concern the inherent dignity of individuals; issues many other lawyers won’t touch. Peter’s aim is to restore truth, justice and balance to our world.

Peter has been heavily involved in fighting the various Covid-19 measures of the past two years. For example, he brought litigation in the Federal Government to try block the provisional approvals of the Covid vaccines; various actions with respect to whether companies can mandate medical procedures for their staff; work around informed consent; and most recently pressuring the Aus Human Rights Commission to do their job (to defend and advocate for human rights in Australia). He will be talking about human rights generally; the international treaties and covenants Australia is a signatory to, and Australia’s habit of breaching those.

He used to work in private practice, before moving to the ‘human rights specialist team’ at Legal Aid NSW, before working for either private corporations or Government became untenable due to conflicts between my values and theirs. For about one year now he has been working for his own company (Maat’s Method) which he set up so that he could help people who really need it without restriction.

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