David Charalambous - Health Alliance Australia

David Charalambous

Speaks with Australian Health Professionals

Recorded Live Tuesday 22nd March 2022 and Hosted by Dan Hanson of Health Alliance Australia.

Discover ways of engaging people in difficult conversations with David Charalambous, behavioural analyst and founder of ReachingPeople.net, as he unpacks powerful models of communication used to influence perception.

David has 25 years of consulting experience in group and one-on-one with individuals and multi-national clients from all walks of life. He readily works with mums and dads, athletes, high performers and business leaders.

His skills include NLP, EFT, General Semantics, System Theory, Process Mapping, Dynamics and Communication.

David has built a unique model of communication bringing together models from numerous fields to form a unique and simple-to-explain system.

The models David references have been used by various experts globally and are highly recognised for understanding human behaviour (especially as it relates to communication), helping shape powerful messaging and creating the conditions for successful dialogue.

Check out David’s great resources on the dos and don’ts in conversations at the following link – https://reachingpeople.net/dos-and-donts-in-conversation/

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