Senator Malcolm Roberts - Health Alliance Australia

Senator Malcolm Roberts

Recorded March 15th 2023 and Hosted by Dan Hanson of Health Alliance Australia. Senator Malcolm Roberts spoke with HAA on why Australia must exit the United Nations, restore our sovereignty and end the control of unelected bureaucrats over Australia’s way of life.

Malcolm’s passion for freedom, responsibility and service are his guiding principles for his work as a Senator for Queensland. He was first elected as a Senator with One Nation in 2016 and returned to the Senate again in 2019.

Malcolm is committed to optimising our productive capacity by removing excessive government intervention and halting the slow march towards the centralist approach that undermines our ability to take responsibility and have freedom in our lives.

His work as a senator has also provided greater clarity about the taxation system, the climate crisis and what is driving it, and the plight of Australians during the COVID response. He was among the first to speak out about the United Nations and its WHO power grab that is threatening Australia’s sovereignty.

Combining a practical and analytical approach with a deep respect for people and an understanding of history’s bigger picture makes Malcolm an ideal candidate for working with all people to bring back the Australia that was once known as ‘the lucky country’.

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